3 Cool Electric Vehicles to look out for

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There were 3 electric vehicles that definitely need a mention for their launch in 2010. They are symbols of the rapid advancement in technology related to manufacturing vehicles that run totally on electricity. Though these cars have a short battery life, they symbolize the first step of providing eco friendly cars that not only sustain the environment but keep the running costs significantly low. Let us have a quick look at these 3 cars. for images

Think City Electric CarThink City from Think is a modern car having zero emissions. It has energy efficiency that is 3 times better than the conventional fuel car. The car is powered by sodium lithium batteries that can ride about 160 kilometers on a single charge. The car has a top speed of 110 km/h. The car is currently made available in Norway but it will soon be available in other parts of the world as well. The car costs around $30,000.

Aptera Electric CarThen we have the Aptera which has unique looks. This car has just 3 wheels and the aerodynamic design resembles a bird. This design lessens the drag and the car can reach 60 km/h in just 10 seconds. This car has 2 versions, hybrid and all electric. The electric version can cover 120 miles on a single battery charge. The hybrid version gets an average of 300 mpg. The hybrid version costs around $30,000 while the electric model will cost around $27,000.

Tesla Electric CarLast but not the least in the list is Tesla. This car is made by Tesla Motors and it is priced at $98,000. This car runs on a lithium battery and it can be driven for 200 miles on a single charge. The battery has a life of 100,000 miles. Tesla came up with a better model priced at $50,000 and it will be mass produced soon.

oleg v3 Cool Electric Vehicles to look out for

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