Benefits of using wind turbines

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Wind and solar energy is slated to take over from the burning of fossil fuels to produce power in the near future. There are several benefits of using wind turbines. Let us have a close look at the myriad benefits.

The wind turbines that produce electricity do not emit any poisonous gases in the environment. Wind energy is completely safe and renewable. Hence we can say that wind power is totally safe and clean. In fact, wind energy is slowly and steadily replacing energy produced from fossil fuels. It will take completely take over all the power needs with other renewable sources such as solar energy in the near future. Unlike fossil fuels wind energy will never end and hence the potential is unlimited.
Benefits of using wind turbines
The wind turbines require very low maintenance. All you have to do is get an annual checkup done to see that the propeller blades are in a good condition. The blades may require cleaning once in a month, especially in areas where there could be too much dust blowing from the wind. In case the blades are damaged then you may have to change the blades. In case you don’t change the damaged blades then there will be a sharp drop in their performance.

You are also cutting down considerably on your electricity bills as you are using the power generated by the wind. This is alternative power to the conventional power and the more you use the power generated by the wind, the more savings you can make. Apart from the above primary benefits, you can enjoy secondary benefits as well such as getting tax breaks from the government. The government promotes wind energy as it sustains the environment. Hence you can claim for tax deductions at the end of your financial year.

Wind turbine is also a good alternative to the solar power system. Solar power depends on the sun and there is no sun in case of night and overcast skies. However wind blows throughout the day and night. Hence it is termed as a better option than solar energy. However there are many households who install both the types of systems to maximize their benefits.

Wind turbines are suitable even in case of rugged and remote locations as there is no cabling required. Wind turbines can be installed in rural areas as well as mountain tops and offshore oil platforms.

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