Eco friendly house hold products

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Eco friendly household products refer to those products that are made from renewable sources of energy. Care is taken that there is as much wastage as possible in making the eco friendly products. The eco friendly products can be recycled instead of simply throwing them in the trash. Their use emits very less or zero pollution. You can use these products in your house in substitute with other products. A good example of an eco friendly household product is paper bags. Plastic takes thousands of years to disintegrate while paper is bio degradable.

The other eco friendly products in the house that you can think of are the solar cooker that works on solar energy. In this case you are using renewable and non polluting solar energy instead of electricity. By using solar heaters and solar cookers you can make a significant saving in your cost.

You can also go for air purifiers that use eco friendly technologies are UV and electronic. Even bamboo sheets can be used for a lot of purposes. Instead of plastic mats you can use mats made from bamboo. You also get furniture in the market that is made from bamboo and cane. Instead of using the normal CFL or 100 watt lights you can go for LED lighting that uses less electricity and provides the same amount of light. Even in case of printing, there are eco friendly cartridges available in the market today that use bio degradable ink. You can opt for printers which use lesser amount of ink for printing. For example, today there are laser printers available in the market which can print about 8,000 pages on a single toner.

You can even think of buying bedding and pillow covers that are made from organic cotton. There are organic mattresses available as well. All you have to do is ask for these co friendly products wherever you go and in case you don’t get them at the local store then you can simply order them online.

By buying eco friendly household products you are contributing to the betterment of the environment and leaving a lesser carbon footprint. In case you have a garden party and you are thinking of buying disposable cups and plates that you should go for biodegradable. Today you can replace around 80% of products in your house with eco friendly household products. The important point here is to take the initiative and also spread the good word amongst others.
Eco friendly household products

oleg vEco friendly house hold products

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