Effects of global warming on crop production

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Global warming not only has its negative effects on animals and man but it can even leave an adverse effect on the crop production. The sudden changes in temperature such as the average temperature rising in majority of the seasons affects the amount of rainfall. This can seriously damage the growing of crops. Because of the higher temperatures the seasons are becoming unstable. There is decreased snow fall and increased rain as more and more evaporates because of intense heat in many regions. There is less amount of snow fall in the colder regions and the climatic changes have given birth to new bacterial diseases that are damaging the crops.

Crop production depends on the climatic conditions of the planet and the amount of rainfall. The crops will grow best when they get the perfect combinations of all the above factors. In case there is any imbalance in any of these factors then the whole combination goes for a toss. If the climatic conditions are not perfect than the crop production can be affected severely. We have watched and read news about crops rotting because of less or excess rainfall and significant changes in the climatic conditions.

There are some crops such as wheat and rice that need higher temperatures to grow. However plants such as sugarcane and maize don’t need much higher temperatures. Such crops might get destroyed when the temperatures increase. This condition will lead to a shortage of water and food in many countries across the globe. In countries such as India, the monsoon is arriving before hand and they are damaging the mangoes cultivation taking place in summer.

Global warming leads to droughts and cracked fields and this leads to lesser production of crops. The countries that are affected the worst by droughts include parts of Africa, Brazil, South East Asia and China. The sea levels are rising because of the melting of ice bergs at the poles. The low lying agricultural lands are under threat as the rising sea water levels will submerge these areas. Sea water is saline and it is damaging for the crop. The agricultural land can become permanently unsuitable for cultivation. Because of failed the farmers in countries such as India are committing suicides are they depend solely on agriculture for their income and food requirements. Because of high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere severely affects the rate of photosynthesis in the plants.

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