Green Vehicles – Fad or Reality?

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As of 2010, the state of California has been a leader in many ventures. Take the example of McDonalds that has today become a global brand across the globe. The new have Hollywood that is the largest movie industry in the world. However California is now known to produce hybrid vehicles which run on eco friendly fuels. Though these vehicles are produced to spread awareness of the environment, the vehicle sales went down in the year 2010 instead of showing some positive results. Ford Escape sales went down by 23% in the first two and a half quarters while sales of Toyota Camry hybrid went down by 43.5% in the same period.

The important question here is whether the fad for electric cars has gone down. Even in San Francisco the sales of hybrid cars have gone down considerably. The truth is that this technology is still at its nascent stage and hence there are various drawbacks such as slow speeds, longer charging times and the car running for less than 100 miles on a single battery charge. With advancements in this field, experts are keeping their fingers crossed that the sales will rise again. The other truth is that all hybrids are known as green vehicles abut all green vehicles are not hybrids.

Today poor hybrid sales are bad news for companies such as Hyundai which is planning to introduce 2 hybrids which are Infiniti M Class and Sonata. Maybe the fact is that the green vehicle has moved faster than one could have ever imagined.

oleg vGreen Vehicles – Fad or Reality?

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