How to tell if something is ES electronic

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Today it is quite easy to tell if an appliance that you buy is ES electronic. By buying an ES electronic you are contributing positively towards the sustainability of the environment. ES appliances use significantly lesser power than their counterparts and they emit zero or minimum pollution.

An ES appliance has undergone the tests and stringent standards that have been put up by Energy Star. Energy Star is a product of the joint program between the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. ES appliances could include household and office appliances ranging from heaters, air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and air cleaners.

In case you want to find out if a particular electronic is ES then you should first look for a yellow Energy Guide label on the package. The label lists the test procedures required by the Department of Energy. The results printed on the yellow sticker include the amount of power that the electronic consumes along with a small comparison of the power consumed by similar products. The test results oriented also include the approximate annual printing costs.

Many ES electronics also have a white and blue symbol with the words Energy Star printed around it. The logo is attached the appliance in the form of a small plaque or a sticker. In case you don’t find any of the stickers and logos on the appliance then you can simply ask the salesman if the electronic appliance is ES or not. Better still, you can check out the Energy Star website at and see its database for the listed products that adhere to ES guidelines.

You can also visit the above mentioned website and use its store locator to find a store near your house or office that sells the Energy Star appliance. The manufacturer’s website also has specifications about its products and points out whether a particular appliance is ES compliant or not.
Hence from the above steps you can tell whether the appliance is ES compliant or not. Energy Star refers to an international standard of energy efficient products that originated in America. Today many countries such as Germany and Japan have their own industry standards for products similar to ES. The appliances that carry the Energy Star logo consume at least 20% top 30% less energy than their counterparts. They emit zero or very less pollution and can be sent for recycling in case you don’t want to use the appliance anymore.

oleg vHow to tell if something is ES electronic

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