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As part of our continuing series of must have green products, today we introduce the P3 International company.  Quietly, and privately they have sold tons of their home accessories.

p3 international

P3 Products

Here are some of our favorites:

P3 International P4480 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor with Electronic Graphic Timer – P3 International P4480 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor with Electronic Graphic Timer

Dont be fooled by this small exterior.  Never wonder where your home electricity is being wasted.  Zap the drain with this cool energy conservation product.  here is a bit more about the product from the companies website.

Now you can control your valuable electronics and find out what they are actually costing you. Simply connect your appliance to the Kill A Watt® Control and it will track electricity consumption and display it in Kilowatt Hours. You can then program ON/OFF periods to save electricity and money. Using our patent pending Save A Watt™ technology, the Kill A Watt® Control combines the advantages of traditional mechanical and electronic timers. It is easy to program the quarter-hour ON/OFF periods for 7 days and 24 hours as you would program a mechanical timer.  With the Kill A Watt® Control, you are not limited – the unit allows unique programs for each of the 7 days of the week. The easy-to-read LCD display allows you to review and adjust your ON/OFF programs easily. Measurements and programming are stored in memory and retained during power outages. A backup battery (3X AAA batteries – not included) allow programming even when the unit is not plugged in.

  • Combination multi-event, 7 day/24 hour timer and electric consumption monitor
  • Easy to read, backlit LCD display
  • Surge, over current, over voltage, and under voltage protection provide clean safe power
  • Soft power-up eliminates harmful voltage spikes
  • Check the quality of your power by monitoring Voltage, Amperage, KWH and more
Save a Drop Water Meter

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P0550 Save A Drop Water Meter – for the outdoor fans, they have a nifty device that can reduce your water bill, and your footprint.  here is how P3 describes this product.

Is your water bill out of control? Part of the problem could be that you’re over-watering your garden! Now you can take control of both with the unique Save A Drop™ Water Meter.
Simply attach between the faucet and hose and the easy to read meter shows you how much water you’re using. It accurately measures both single waterings use as well as cumulative water usage to accurately meet your garden’s (and wallet’s) needs.
Take the guesswork out of watering your lawn by attaching the meter to your sprinkler. Now you’ll know the right time to turn your hose off. Accurate to 1/10th of a gallon it’s also great for greenhouses where exact watering is critical.
With the Save A Drop™ Water Meter you can have a garden that grows while your water bill shrinks.

Finally we would like to illustrate the uses of the


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Solar Powered Pest Control
Chase unwanted burrowing rodents with the strongest and least expensive power available – The Sun. Solar powered and maintenance free, the Sol Mate® Mole Repeller uses state of the art technology to repel moles, gophers, voles, shrews and other destructive burrowing rodents.The ingenious device is environmentally friendly and eliminates the use of poisons and traps around your children and pets. Since one full charge yields up to 7 days of trouble free power, the unit is capable of operating in the most unfavorable weather without interruption. The solar panel is embedded in a watertight housing constructed of strong ABS material and its discreet green color fits into any environment.The Sol Mate® Mole Repeller produces a sonic pulse of approx 400 Hz every 30 seconds and covers an area of approx. 7500 Square feet (1/6 acre). Pets won’t be affected, but rodents find the noise irritating and eventually move to quieter surroundings.


Check back soon on for these and many more P3 international products.  Also kudos to them by finding a way to make money on needed home accessories that actually help.

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