Magnetic Motor Generator will meet electric needs of households

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Magnetic Motor Generator for producing electricityThe concept of using magnetic motor generate to produce electricity is no new. In fact, it originated 150 years ago in Croatia. The inventor documented his work on how to design and build the magnetic motor generator. The idea will soon become a reality as many manufacturers want to commercially produce the system which will then be used to provide power to households.

A scientist called Nikola Tesla had invented the alternating current which is used to power all electrical appliances. However Tesla was aware that over a period of 100 years it would be possible to create the alternating current without the use of fuel. Tesla worked on the Fuelless Generator in the second half of his career. The magnetic power generator gets it power from zero point energy derived from quantum physics.

The magnetic motor generator can be used keeping in mind the requirements of the consumers. The materials used in the generator are a rotor, magnets and wires. The proper positioning of the magnets will help to harness power and make the generator work. As of today, the magnetic motor generates about 7 kilowatts of power per day.
It does make use of any fuel and it is able to produce enough power to meet the energy requirements of a median household.

The assembled generator is of a compact size and it easily fits in one corner of your home or the garage. Once you install the generator your monthly electricity bills will come down considerably as you don’t have to depend on electricity provided by utility companies. Hence the property value of your home will also increase manifold. You can also generate extra income by selling the excess electricity generated to the utility companies.

Even the maintenance of the magnetic motor generator is easy and low cost. This way we can decrease our dependence on fossil fuels which are in short supply. Their burning causes pollution to the environment as well.

oleg vMagnetic Motor Generator will meet electric needs of households

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