MWG introduces a new charging device

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Wireless ChargingGoing green has now become a new fad for individuals as well as companies. In its quest of manufacturing and marketing green products a company called MWG has introduced a new charging device. This device will make the batteries obsolete and hence there will be less trash of batteries and wired chargers. This will lead to lesser pollution and sustainability of our environment.
With the new wireless charger you can simply put your cell phone in the vicinity of the device and the cell phone will start charging.

The device produces an electromagnetic field within a particular radius. The polarity of the field changes regularly and there are copper wires inserted in the charging device that charges the phone.

The electromagnetic field is converted back to electricity once it is received by the cell phone. This setup is very eco friendly as you don’t require any type of chargers, cables and batteries. All or any of these may contain harmful chemicals which may harm the environment if they are not disposed off properly.
Another company by the name of Voltaic has invented a green battery. These are powered by solar energy and they are compact in size. You can use these batteries to run your handheld devices and your laptop. It is actually a portable battery bag and the bag is made from recycled drink bottles. The company has also invented a green plug. The plug makes electronic devices and power sources to communicate between each other wirelessly.

The invention has reduced energy usage by more than 50%. The green plug adaptor can provide power to any type of device no matter how much voltage the device needs. Hence there is no need to carry separate chargers or batteries for different devices. This is good news for the environment as less number of devices will be disposed. As time passes by, there will be more inventions in the wireless chargers and green power sources market which will consume electricity and still be able to provide power to different types of devices.

oleg vMWG introduces a new charging device

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