Planets Have New Meaning For Solar Systems

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Are you getting the most out of your system?  Take a look at the relatively new comer to the solar mounting business.  Orion Solar Racking is adding highly modular and snap together mounting technology.  They have prefab systems that are based on planets.  Take a look at some of these great products.

Pre-Fabricated Scalable Solar Carport Structures

Orion Solar Mercury Series Ballasted Mounting System is a highly engineered solution that secures the array without damaging the flat roof. It is compatible with the usual Framed Photovoltaic modules and typically does not require roof penetrations. Made from lightweight and strong aluminum construction, The Orion Solar Racking Mercury Series Ballasted solution will arrive Pre assembled and precut to prevent corrosion and save your labor cost and installation time.

Orion Solar Racking Jupiter Series Ground mount system is applicable to a large array photovoltaic system in open areas. This system is designed to engineer with a minimum amount of installed footing at greatly reduces labor. The system integrates with ordinary OD60*3.5 galvanized and paint steel pipe and anodized aluminum Orion rail. The special tilt-in module, the clamp and the U-bolt make the installation easy and quick. The customized length can eliminate the weld and cut onsite to keep the high anticorrosive performace, the structure strength and the appearance.


Orion Solar Racking Pluto Series Ground Mount System delivers the hassle-free installation and long-term durability that set a solid foundation for successful PV mounting projects.  These products provide the flexibility that makes them the top choice for a broad range of residential, commercial and industrial installations.

Also take a look at Orions cool carport.

Orion Solar Racking Saturn Series Carport Mount System is a revolutionary system for PV modules on the ground. Orion Solar Racking has brought over 3 years of field experinece and special engineering to form our unique, patented aluminium base rail and Quickstone technology to enable easier and faster installations.

You can find a video of the carport installation (below).

oleg vPlanets Have New Meaning For Solar Systems

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