New Batteries That Charge in Twenty Seconds or Less

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MIT scientists are working on a charging device that will charge batteries in not more than 20 seconds. If they have their way then the battery can be commercially produced by the year 2013. The charging device will have several uses and it will change the lives of people in a big way. MUT scientist has developed a small prototype of the same which charges the battery in 10-20 seconds. A traditional battery takes a few hours to charge. The material used for the new battery will be the same. The initial battery and charger will be small but afterwards bigger sizes will come into effect to charge relatively larger devices such as electric cars.

Fast Charging Battery

The scientists are also working on developing electric car batteries that will be charged in less than an hour. Today the electric car is not much successful as the batteries take almost 8 hours to recharge and they wear out in less than 100 miles. However all this will change in the future as charging times will be less and the batteries will last for several hundred miles. Hence more people in the future will tend to change from the diesel powered cars to electric cars.

The new battery technology allows the lithium ions to act differently. This is done by coating the ions with lithium pyrophosphate. This is a glassy type material which makes the ions behave differently. It helps to move through the channels faster and hence the speed of the discharge and charge become fast. Let’s hope for the best that the time limit set by the MIT scientists is met as it will change the way people charge their devices. The technology will also help to sustain the environment in a big way as conventional electricity will be used less.

oleg vNew Batteries That Charge in Twenty Seconds or Less

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