One Sexy Mosquito

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There have been quite a few investors who have begun to profit from climate change.  Except for its not what you think!  You would think it would be investment in things like renewable energy, water conservation, or conventional green products that you can buy or sell on a green marketplace.  Well, its nothing like that.  Companies are now investing and developing  interesting counter active technologies.  A perfect example is Oxitec.  They specialize in genetically adapting insects to control desease and over population.  Its actually pretty cool!

One Sexy Mosquito

Sexy mosquitto widowmakwe

You might be asking your self what in gods name is that thing?  Allow me to explain.  They have created these supper sexy mosquitos to attract females.  Think “peacocking” as it were.  The beauty of these insects is that they do not have the ability to propagate their line.  After a female undoubtedly falls for this [Brad Pitt of] mosquito’s, their offspring will never mature to adulthood, and die shortly after birth.  What I find fascinating about this is that a new approach is being shown here.  One that doesn’t include blanketing half the world in nets to remain desease free.  This technology can be especially useful with outbreaks of West Niles where a targeted geography is affected.

You have to be a bit inspired by this approach.  Click here for more info about the technology.

oleg vOne Sexy Mosquito

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