Repairing Roads with Green Technology

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In countries such as USA there is much scrutiny for vehicles that use more of fossil fuels. Researchers are continuously thinking of developing new technologies so that the Co2 emissions can be lowered and brought within control for sustaining the fragile eco systems. Though there is a lot of research done on developing electric, non polluting vehicles, what about the roads on which these vehicles drive?
Scientists are now working on making roads that are built from original materials. This effort will save a significant amount of energy, time and natural resources. This will lead to a less stressful job for people working on the roads since they will be able to repair road damage quickly. Studies show that road repairs done traditionally release carbon dioxide equal to 11 trees and there is a good chance of improvement.

Fortunately things are geared up for what is called road recycling. The European Union has stimulated the adoption of more efficient procedures and technologies under its DIRECT-MAT initiative. The goal of this initiative is to build a database (based on experience of experts) for recycling road materials.

For example, one initiative is to go for infrared repair. Here infrared equipment will be used to repair a damaged part of the road. Asphalt is the binding agent and it is heated to make soft. Then it is mixed with a rejuvenating agent and then new asphalt is added to the mixture. The road is then repaired by placing this mixture.

This process uses less asphalt when compared to the current methods. The whole procedure can be completed in just 20 minutes. Even the Co2 released from this procedure is 20% less. There is no money to be spent on sealant. Hence with more cost effective and eco friendly means we can save our environment from further damage.

oleg vRepairing Roads with Green Technology

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