Toyota Car powered by Algae

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Toyota Algeaus

Toyota has introduced a new car called Algaeus that runs on environment friendly algae based fuel. The car can cover 150 miles on a single gallon as per the reports from the experts. The car made its first entry in San Francisco, California with plans to introduce it in other parts of the country as well. However the ratio of algae in the fuel is just 5% today but this invention is a big leap towards better and more efficient inventions in the future. The algae for the fuel is supplied by a green crude company called Sapphire Energy.

There will be more algae powered vehicles in the future. The purpose is to produce about 2 million liters of algae fuel in the next 2 years. Sapphire Energy will continue to make algae based fuels for other compliant vehicles as well. However there are certain points to be discussed such as how the fuel will be stored and how will it be transported to various locations. The other question is that will the car be completely algae fuel powered or will it just partly run on algae fuel.

And then will it be completely safe to drive the algae fuel cars. It is best left to the experts how well they can answer these questions but the answers are very important for the future.

oleg vToyota Car powered by Algae

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