What are ES appliances

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ES appliances refer to Energy Star qualified appliances. Energy Star is an organization that promotes the use of those appliances that are eco friendly and use lesser power. The organization certifies whether the appliance is eco friendly based on certain criteria and if the appliance meets the criteria then it can have the Energy Star logo. However the label is not placed on every appliance. However all appliances meeting Energy Star requirements have the information printed in the manual.
Hence when you want to buy an eco friendly appliance you can look for the white and blue small Energy Star label in a corner. There is a blue star in the middle with words Energy Star around it. In case you don’t see the label then you can simply ask the salesman if the appliance is Energy Star compliant.
The energy star specifications for any appliance are quite rigorous. In order for an appliance to be Energy Star certified it has to pass all the rigorous tests set by the organization. Each product is tested for its energy consumption and disposal of waste, if any. An Energy Star appliance results in significant energy savings as well as minimal pollution in the environment. The label certifies that the appliance will use at least 3/4th less energy than its counterparts.
Today you can outfit your outfit your entire house with lots of energy efficient appliances. Hence it is best to exchange your existing appliances with Energy Star appliances so that you not only save on power but also contribute positively towards the sustainability of our environment. Some of the most popular Energy Star appliances are dishwashers, clothes dryers, freezers and refrigerators. Even some smaller items have now become Energy Star certified such as water coolers, air cleaners, water heaters, battery chargers and air conditioners.
Though Energy Star appliances cost a little more than their counterparts, it is best to purchase them as you will be saving on your power costs in the ling run. Energy Star devices have a longer life and hence they prove to be cost effective in the long run. Hence the initial higher price is worth the effort. And when you buy several different Energy Star appliances for your household requirements then the savings sum up to make it a significant figure. And if you don’t have a high budget then you can go for second hand Energy Star appliances that have undergone a few cosmetic changes.
Energy Star Appliances

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