Working of Wireless Eco Charge Technology

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Today we are aware of charging technology as it is used to power up our laptops, mobiles and many other popular gadgets. These gadgets normally have a built in lithium battery whose power needs to be replenished once in a while. However many people don’t pay attention or are not even aware of the risks that the batteries pose to the environment.

Today there are many governments and environmental organizations which are thinking of ways in which the battery can be replaced with a safer option. For example, the Japanese based company called Fujitsu plans to release a wireless charger in the year 2012. Wireless technology has been used in platforms such as wireless networks and for powering wireless peripherals. The wireless charger is going to be an innovative product that will change the way we charge our devices. It will help get rid of power chords and encourage the development of eco friendly batteries that don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

People will be happy with the elimination of power chords. Even the environmentalists will be a happy lot as the process of making power chord leads to pollution. If the power chords are eliminated, waste materials are eliminated too.

The concept of wireless chargers is not a new one. Companies like Intel have been working in this direction since several years. However all attempts will now have failed and all eyes are now on Fujitsu as it has claimed to put aside all the design difficulties of the wireless charger. The new technology will be able to wirelessly charge mobile phones and laptops when they are placed near the power source. There will be a possibility of charging electric cars wirelessly as well and with the advancement of technology you will be able to charge your devices even if you are a few miles away from the wireless charger.

The wireless charger works on the magnetic resonance technique which makes use of a capacitor and a different coil of wire to create a power transmitter. This device generates a resonance which in turn reaches the power receiver. This technology is at its nascent stage and it is complex as it depends on the components present in device to be charged. And the size and the power required by the electronic device complicate things further. Fujitsu claims that the wireless charger has a charging efficiency of 85% for all batteries in its proximity.

oleg vWorking of Wireless Eco Charge Technology

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