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Product Detail

POLY Solar Modules - Clear frame SCHOTT
SKUD: 011-04535
Weight:  50.6 lbl
Height:   inches
Width:   inches
Lenght:   inches
Price:  $624.45
SCHOTT Solar is a world leader in the photovoltaic industry with more than 50 years of experience in the development and production of quality components for solar applications. The company has been in business for 125 years. The polycrystalline cells within each module are sorted to narrow performance tolerances, thereby allowing series interconnections with minimal mismatch losses.

SCHOTT bulk packs modules to reduce job site waste and disposal costs. Available with black or clear anodized frames, SCHOTT modules have PV Wire type cables for use with transformerless inverters.

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Product Specification

height_in: 66.34
width_in: 39.09
Peak_power(Pmpp): 220
Peak_power_voltage: 29.7
Peak_power_current(Voc): 7.41
Open_circuit_current: 36.5
Max_system_voltage: 600
warranty_parts: 60 Months
Cell_type: Polycrystalline panels
Max_series_fuse: 15
Mountable_roof: Yes
Yard_mountable: Yes
Grid_feeding: Yes
depth_in: 1.97
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