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EcoCompass - Green technology marketplace helping to navigate energy independence
Welcome to EcoCompass

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What is EcoCompass? is an innovative specialized online platform which allows residential and commercial property owners and renters to analyze (in a user friendly and graphical way) their energy consumption and conservation.  EcoCompass also brings together certified professionals who can help you with these types of evaluations and services. Click here for more information about Free Energy Audits and Do It Yourself Audit Tools and Tips.

Once a self or professional audit is finished, our powerful platform goes to work helping you pick the appropriate products from a wide range of suppliers.  At the same time as making your home or office more efficient, a consumer may also purchase renewable power generation products (such as wind and solar).  Our system will help consumers find what is the best product choice for their geographical location and then create a project to have certified professionals bid on doing the installation. 

How can help me?

What our applications do is connect the consumer with the products they seek in a comprehensive yet easy to understand way, while also helping them install these products.

How can and I help make this world Greener?

With each purchase, EcoCompass will make a contribution to one of our Green Not-for-profit partners such that your purchase is not only helping you be more Green in your home or business, but it also it helping fund a Green Project that is helping the worldwide effort toward a greener planet. We also provide you a Green Shipping Option option to purchase carbon offsets to the carbon that is generated from the delivery of the products you purchase.

How much does it cost to use is FREE for consumers, Manufacturers, and Installer/Contractor professionals to register and use the service, except of course for the purchase of products.

Can I save money using

Yes, although the saving vary from user to user, most families and business can save by just replacing their light bulbs. shows you what moves users can make to increase their savings over the coarse of the products life cycle. helps users find the best rebates and government incentives for extra savings.

How long do systems last? 

Most systems have a 30+ year life expectancy. Due to technological advances in the last 10 years, most experts feel systems will now far exceed the 30 years and will last for closer to 50 years. All Solar modules carry the manufacturers' limited warranty covering them ordinarily for up to 25 years. Inverters carry the manufacturer's limited warranty covering them for 10 years. The installation company warrants the system for 10 years.

How can EcoCompass help me buy and compare? 

We use a proprietary application that will help you compare different energy saving products based on key metrics such as ROI, amount of carbon saved, total cost for item, annual savings, etc. We make it easy for you to understand all the benefits of each product so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Does have a commercial division?

Ecocompass, Inc. will begin working with Commercial and government interests in early 2013.  For more information on this please email us at or use our contact us form

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