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Do It Yourself Tips

Most home owners can reduce their energy bills and increase the comfort and safety of their home by changing some basic habits and doing more routine maintenance. Here are some easy ways to save energy and money.


If your extra refrigerator is only used once in a while, unplug it and prop the door open when it's empty. If your extra refrigerator doesn’t have much in it, consider replacing it with a smaller Energy Star model.


Use cold water to wash your clothes. Most detergents clean just as effectively and clothes don’t fade as fast. Hang your clothes on a line to dry, when appropriate. If you use a clothes dryer, set the timer to Autodry so the dryer stops when your clothes are dry. This saves energy and is better for your clothes. Clean the dryer lint trap before each use. Clean the dryer vent hose every 6 months, more if you
dry a lot of clothes. Be sure your vent hose is free of kinks.

Heating and Cooling

Install a programmable thermostat. During the winter, lower the thermostat setting at night and when the house is empty. During the summer, raise the thermostat setting at night and when the house is empty. Avoid the desire to turn the thermostat temperature way up or way down to make the house warmer or colder. It doesn’t heat or cool the house any faster but it uses more energy. Use ceiling fans alone or with air conditioning. Remember to turn them off when you leave. Change your furnace filter every two months (during summer too, if you have central air conditioning). Do it more frequently if you have pets or see that the filters are more than a little dirty. Bleed the air out of the radiators within a month of turning the boiler on each winter. Don’t block vents and radiators with furniture. Install reflectors behind the radiators on outside walls. Keep about 2 feet of space cleared around your outside air conditioner/heat pump compressor.

Curtains and Blinds

On summer days, close window shades and curtains on the south and west side of the house. On winter days, open them. On winter nights, close all window shades and curtains.


When you leave a room, turn lights off. Replace incandescent bulbs with
compact florescent lights (CFLs).

Computers and Other Electronics

Use the energy saver settings on computers and other electronics so they go to sleep when you are not using them. Plug groups of electronics together into one power strip. Turn off the whole powerstrip when they are not in use.


Fix leaky faucets and running toilets right away. Install low-flow shower heads, low volume toilets and water efficient washing machine.

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