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Installer Site Visits and Bidding

Most projects require some sort of site visit to be able to provide a proper estimate of services and evaluation of the products to be used for the project.

Small appliance installation usually don't require a site visit.

An energy audit uses the site visit to do the initial audit.

It is vital to have a certified installer do a site evaluation for for Solar and Wind installations. No two renewable systems are alike and every home will be different based on its unique features and the customer's energy reduction goals. There are many variables like shade, roof pitch, direction that roof is facing, how the roof is, etc. All these factors will determine how your system will be built by installers.

The consumer initially defines one or more site visit dates and times that installers can agree to or they can propose an alternate date and/or time when they view the details of projects they are interested in bidding on. When a site visit is required, then one of these proposed or alternate dates must be agreed to by both the consumer and the installer. Only on or after the agreed upon site visit date, can the installer then submit their bid amount and upload any related documents (e.g. estimate, proposal, diagrams, audit document, etc...).

The site is is just the first option of the EcoCompass bidding system. Click here for more complete information and a tutorial video about the bidding system.

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